3rd Hackathon

19. 20. 21. may ´21

3º Ocean Plastic Hackathon | Circular Economy to free the environment of foamed polystyrene

In this three days event we thought about solutions based on the experiences made on the previous hackathon. 

From the two groups participating, one focused on the problem of collecting EPS/XPS from retailers or industry users and the other group worked around fostering awareness onto this theme by promoting experimental and interactive activities for a younger audience.

You can explore the Miro board where the activities and processes are documented bellow:

Hackathon Mentors

Pedro Luís is the director of BEWI Circular in Portugal.

Currently the only company in Portugal to recycle EPS, BEWI Circular, part of the BEWI group, has launched a project in partnership with Doca Pesca, which aims to collect EPS fishboxes from almost all fishing ports in Portugal. Pedro M. Luís says that this project is one of the best solutions to prevent ocean pollution provoked by this type of boxes.

Electromechanical Industrial Engineer by profession with a Master degree in Business Administration, Ms. Elisa Setién is a Spanish national.

Since 2008 she has been Director General of several International Trade Associations in Brussels, representing the industry towards the EU institutions on key legislative dossiers such as Product Stewardship, Chemical, Plastics, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Non-toxic environment, Waste Management and Marine Litter. ​

Thomas has a wide educational background, including pre-MBA, civil engineering, terrestrial & marine biology.

In 2020, joined GRID-Arendal, a collaborating centre of UNEP. Thomas contributes to expert working groups on waste & marine litter and develops products to inform policy-makers. Marine litter, POPs, biomarkers, circular economy, waste management, waste trade, sanitation & wastewater are topics that Thomas specialises in.

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