1st Hackathon

16. 17. 18. december ´20
Over 40 participants

The 1st Ocean Plastic Hackathon has ended!

Hosted by the OceanWise INTERREG Atlantic Area Project and organized by Design Factory Aveiro (DFA), this initiative challenged participants to create innovative solutions to solve problems linked to the worrying source of foamed polystyrene products (EPS and XPS) marine litter in the Atlantic Ocean, an issue the OceanWise project has been focusing on in the past 3 years.

The Hackathon consisted of a 3 day event where the participants worked in shifts either at the Design Factory Aveiro or virtually, through ideation in the Miro platform. 

Involving not only university students, but also professionals, researchers and the OceanWise project stakeholders, we ended with two promising projects proposals that focused on consumer awareness and responsibility.

See all the process at Miro board

Hackathon Mentors and Keynote Speakers

Thomas has a wide educational background, including pre-MBA, civil engineering, terrestrial & marine biology.

In 2020, joined GRID-Arendal, a collaborating centre of UNEP. Thomas contributes to expert working groups on waste & marine litter and develops products to inform policy-makers. Marine litter, POPs, biomarkers, circular economy, waste management, waste trade, sanitation & wastewater are topics that Thomas specialises in.

Electromechanical Industrial Engineer by profession with a Master degree in Business Administration, Ms. Elisa Setién is a Spanish national.

Since 2008 she has been Director General of several International Trade Associations in Brussels, representing the industry towards the EU institutions on key legislative dossiers such as Product Stewardship, Chemical, Plastics, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Non-toxic environment, Waste Management and Marine Litter.

Building Engineer by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Complementary training on marketing and finance.

Director of ANAPE (Spanish EPS Association) since 2009. ANAPE Technical Coordinator, from 2007 to 2009. Before: 10 years experiences on chemical products for construction at several European companies.

Ana Pires has a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA).

She is a Researcher at the NOVA FCT in the area of solid waste management and circular economy. Author of several articles and communications, with a book awarded by the International Solid Waste Association. Her research areas focus on the development of biotechnology recycling solutions. Circular Economy models and sustainability metrics for hierarchical waste management. She is co-founder of the waste@NOVA network of researchers dedicated to innovation in waste treatment and management technologies.

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Video Credits:

Hélder Antunes- MEDP UA
Liliana Teixeira – MEDP UA

Graphic Communication – Mafalda Santos MD UA

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